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Kesote Halloween Paper Lantern Set, 10 PCS 10 Lanterns with Pumpkin Design, Lanterns of Different Sizes


* This set includes 10 lanterns of 4 dimensions, offering a good quality and price.

* With pumpkin designs and orange color, lanterns are special, lively and suitable for the Halloween atmosphere.

* Lanterns are good home decoration, they can be hung under the ceiling, on windows, in corridors, etc.

* You can also add a light bulb (it is not offered) to the inside of the lantern that is used to illuminate or create a romantic atmosphere.


Quantity: 10 
Color: orange 
Material: paper 
Size: 6 "(2), 8" (2), 10 "(3), 12" (3)


All products sold by us have a free 6-month warranty. If you have any questions about the product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kesote Halloween Paper Lantern Set, 10 PCS Lanterns with Pumpkin Design, Lanter

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